After two years of research and a lot of hard work we’re thrilled to bring you our range of Humphrey’s CBD (cannabidiol) infused juice drinks. During our research we tried lots of CBD products from food, drinks, cakes, sweet and a load more. But with every product we felt we could do better so we set about creating a range of CBD-infused juice drinks putting taste and wellness at the heart of the range. We were careful to choose ingredients that are natural and good for you with nothing artificial added.

Central to our range is of course CBD. Ours comes from the hemp plant, it’s 100% natural and from a trusted source. With 15mg of CBD in each 115ml bottle we know it’s the highest of any CBD drink out there.

We think CBD as an ingredient has so much potential and we are very excited by the interest in it from right across the globe. And with the World Health Organisation giving it the thumbs up we think this will open up lots more opportunities to harness its growing popularity.

We love what we do and we love to get feedback from you. So please keep us posted on what you think and by signing up to our newsletter we can keep you in the loop on what we’re doing too!

Dan Humphrey

Member of the British Hemp Association